Best AngularJS Themes for an E-Commerce Site

The Top 3 Best AngularJS Themes for an E-Commerce Site

When building an online e-commerce site, AngularJS might not be the first option that comes to mind. However, it has a rich set of features that make it a worthy competitor to services such as Shopify.

Plenty of online stores use AngularJS, for example:

For those interested in more customizability however, AngularJS is a great choice: it is fast, SEO friendly, and offers great potential as a backend dashboard for e-commerce management. In this post, we detail some of the best AngularJS e-commerce templates.

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microStore AngularJS E-Commerce Template

microStore is a simple, modern one-page template for e-commerce stores. It is powered by the Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS frameworks, and is 100% responsive.

microStore comes with over 300 icons, 3 different color skins, and many different types of page sections. At only $10, it is a fantastic AngularJS e-commerce template to help kickstart your online store.



Smile AngularJS E-Commerce Template

Smile is a premium HTML e-commerce template that comes with 5 unique layouts. It has a clean and modern design with many functions to suit the needs of your shop. Smile comes with 24 HTML files comprising of many of the necessary sections an e-commerce site is expected to have. While it may not make use of AngularJS, it can also be easily integrated to enhance the functions of Smile.

With a wide variety of widgets and features, Smile is a fantastic e-commerce template. It is built with the fashion and accessories industry in mind, although it can be tailored to suit other needs as well.



Smile AngularJS E-Commerce Template

StellaShop is an elegant e-commerce template powered by Bootstrap, jQuery, and AngularJS. It is responsive and mobile friendly, providing an off-canvas menu on mobile.

StellaShop comes with a large variety of page templates and is a fantastic looking theme to use for your online store.


For those looking for a one-size-fits-all solution, one might jump onto the ever popular Shopify platform. For those interested in more customizability however, AngularJS is a great choice, and these e-commerce templates are sure to speed up development.

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