AngularJS Seed Templates

Top 8 AngularJS Seed Templates and Boilerplates

When starting a new project, it can be tedious to have to create everything from scratch. This is where AngularJS seed templates, and AngularJS boilerplate templates come in handy.

In development work, a boilerplate consists of the sections of code that are included in many places with little or no alteration. These boilerplates come in useful when a programmer has to create many similar sections of code when starting a new project. These boilerplates are different from themes or templates as most do not place an emphasis on design – they provide function and act as a scaffold for a new project.

Today, we have compiled a collection of useful AngularJS boilerplate templates and AngularJS seed templates that will greatly speed up your development. These boilerplates contain many useful snippets and sections of code that are used in many AngularJS apps.


1. Yeoman

Yeoman AngularJS Seed Template

Yeoman is a scaffolding tool that helps you to kickstart new projects with the best practices and tools to help you stay productive. Yeoman is a generator tool that is basically a plugin to help you scaffold complete projects or useful components for your project.

Yeoman allows you to quickly set up projects with sensible defaults and best practices, and installs many important AngularJS modules. It is also available for many other frameworks other than AngularJS. It is a fantastic AngularJS seed template that allows you to rapidly develop your web applications.

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2. KOAN Stack

KOAN AngularJS Seed Template

KOAN Stack is an AngularJS seed template that provides a good starting point for full stack JavaScript web development through the use of the Koa, AngularJS, Node.js frameworks. KOAN also utilises other frameworks such as Grunt.js for testing and automation, and MongoDB for persistence.

KOAN provides a fantastic demo application which functions as a Facebook-like real time sharing app.

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3. Angular Seed

Angular Seed AngularJS Seed Template

Angular Seed is an application skeleton for a typical AngularJS web application. It can be used to quickly bootstrap your AngularJS web applications and development environment.

Angular Seed contains a sample AngularJS application and is preconfigured to install the AngularJS framework as well as other useful development and testing tools. It makes for a great starting point for any AngularJS web application and development environment.

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4. Flatlogic Angular Dashboard Seed

Flatlogic AngularJS Seed Template

Flatlogic Angular Dashboard Seed is an AngularJS dashboard sample application with a Node.js REST backend built with the best AngularJS practices in mind.

This AngularJS seed template sports a stylish, clean, and responsive layout with lots of utility CSS classes for rapid development and includes features such as user authentication and authorization and CRUD operations.

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5. Modern Web Seed

The Modern Website Seed (MWS) project is a reference project which demonstrates a development workflow for building web applications using AngularJS, Bootstrap3, and many other important frameworks.

The Modern Website Seed includes Bower for web module dependency management, Gulp.js for automation, and uses AngularJS and Bootstrap 3 to create a great starting  for an AngularJS project.

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6. Loopback Angular Admin

Loopback Admin AngularJS Seed Template

Loopback Angular Admin is a starter project that can be used to quickly build an API with an easily extended front-end. It is under ongoing development and sees constant updates.

Loopback Angular Admin is a fantastic starter project for AngularJS dashboard or admin applications that contains many essential components such as user authentication, notifications, file uploads, social authentication, and user management. It is a great AngularJS seed template to use to kickstart your dashboard or admin applications.

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7. Lineman

Lineman AngularJS Seed Template

Lineman is a command-line utility application that is focused on helping web developers build professional, first-class JavaScript web applications. It allows you to focus on writing great web apps instead of worrying about your workflow configuration.

Lineman aims to make building client JavaScript web applications as easy as traditional server-side HTML web applications. Lineman uses Node.js and npm as well as Grunt for management and automation.

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8. Cleverstack

Cleverstack AngularJS Seed Template

The Cleverstack Angular Seed provides you with a cutting edge AngularJS development workflow. Cleverstack gives you with the tools required to achieve a fast test driven front-end development lifecycle. It provides you with a modular way to create AngularJS web applications.

Cleverstack is the first Modular Full Stack JavaScript Framework, and allows you to create smaller, more specific modules that are extremely powerful, self-contained and can be used in many different projects.

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