10 Top Best AngularJS Templates in 2015

Update: We have published a post on our favorite templates in 2017! Check it out here.

As 2015 comes to a close, it seems appropriate to round out a list of the best AngularJS templates that we’ve seen this year. Many of them have been featured previously on our site, but that only proves how fantastically versatile they can be.

Whether you’re looking to build a dashboard application, a portfolio application, or you are merely looking for a responsive AngularJS template to build your application on, there is sure to be a template suited for your needs. Here are our top 10 best AngularJS templates in 2015.


1. Metronic

Metronic - Best AngularJS Templates

Metronic is a responsive and multipurpose theme powered through the Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS frameworks. It is a flexible theme that can be used for many different kinds of applications.

Metronic has a beautifully designed flat UI, and works on all major web browsers and on mobile devices. Metronic currently comes with 6 complete admin themes. Metronic’s beautiful UI and flexibility makes it one of our all time favorite AngularJS themes, and is definitely one of the best AngularJS templates available.

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2. Xenon

Xenon - Best AngularJS Templates

Xenon is a lightweight responsive dashboard and admin template built with Bootstrap. Xenon contains plenty of UI components, layout variants and themes that make up a total of 136 HTML files. Talk about value for money!

Despite its large number of files, Xenon practices neat organization of files, clean code, and easily expandable features. Xenon is responsive and retina ready and works perfectly with mobile devices. It is one of the best AngularJS templates available that has almost everything, and is sure to save you plenty of development time when working on a large project.

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INSPINIA - Best AngularJS Templates

INSPINIA is a premium responsive admin template built with Bootstrap 3, HTML 5, and CSS 3. INSPINIA comes with a huge collection of reusable UI components and features a beautifully designed flat UI. It can be used in a wide variety of applications such as admin panels, application backends, content management systems, and more.

INSPINIA not only supports AngularJS, but also many other frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Meteor, and comes with a seed project for each. It is an easily reusable template that promises continuous free updates, making it one of the most versatile and best AngularJS template for use in almost any application.

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4. Admin Box

Admin Box - Best AngularJS Templates

Admin Box is a beautifully presented AngularJS dashboard template. It is powered by SASS and Grunt for easy development, testing and production.

Admin Box comes packaged with a suite of features, such as form validation and customization, vector maps, and many more. The Admin Box template also uses SASS files, which makes it extremely easy to customize it to your needs, making it a fantastic template to use for web development.

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5. Material

Material - Best AngularJS Templates

Material is a powerful, lightweight, fully responsive AngularJS template. Material is inspired by Google Material Design and sports a gorgeous UI powered by Bootstrap 3.

Material comes with a variety of UI components and form components such as a date picker, color picker, toggle elements, and retina display compatible icons and images. All the components used in Material are completely customized to match Material Design, making it a beautifully cohesive template to start your next application on.

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6. Pages

Pages - Best AngularJS Templates

Pages is not just a dashboard template, but a multi-purpose, carefully designed UI framework. It is crafted with special attention to detail. It comes with a large variety of application templates such as a calendar, social dashboard, email application, and many other UI features such as a navigation menu.

Pages is a responsive AngularJS theme with a beautifully designed UI. Its large number of potential uses and promises of free updates makes it one of the best AngularJS templates available. It’s a steal at $23 on the ThemeForest market.

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7. Angle

Angle - Best AngularJS Templates

Angle is a web dashboard app based on Bootstrap and AngularJS. This dashboard template contains many ideal components for use in your next dashboard page or web project.

Angle contains two dashboard templates: for use in AngularJS as well as jQuery, allowing you to utilise this dashboard template in non-AngularJS apps as well. It is a great responsive theme with many useful components, making it one of the best AngularJS templates to build your dashboard project with.

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8. Angulr

Angulr - Best AngularJS Templates

Angulr is a web admin theme powered by Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS. Angulr features nested views, routing and lazy loading making it suitable for large projects. Angulr is fully responsive and works on mobile devices as well as across browsers.

Angulr is a very comprehensive template that can be used for a wide variety of applications. It also comes with a single page music application template, perfect for rapid prototyping of your next music application.

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9. SmartAdmin

SmartAdmin - Best AngularJS Templates

SmartAdmin is a responsive web application template that contains working variations for multiple web frameworks, including AngularJS. It makes use of Grunt for working tasks and uses LESS and SASS CSS for easy customization, allowing you to easily modify the template for use in your web applications.

SmartAdmin comes with over 50 customized plugins and promises free lifetime updates. It claims to be a “chameleon” template that adapts to your needs, and it is built using modern technologies. It is fully responsive and is one of the best AngularJS templates that also caters to other frameworks, should you choose to use it as such.

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10. Triangular

Triangular - Best AngularJS Templates

Triangular is a unique Material Design AngularJS dashboard template. It is built from the ground up using Google’s Angular Material Design project. It claims to be the only fully Material Design AngularJS template around.

Triangular is a well organized template that uses best practices for front-end development. It comes bundled with 4 premium packages that include tons of Material Design resources, such as avatars, backgrounds, and fonts, making it one of the best AngularJS templates that makes full use of Material Design.

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