Modern AngularJS Templates

7 Fantastic Modern AngularJS Admin Templates

When starting a new web application or website, we often run into the need for certain features or design. Using a template to help prototype and design your application can greatly help speed up this process. Whether you’re building a dashboard application, a portfolio application, or you are merely looking for the best AngularJS template to build your application on, there […]

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Xenon: A Lightweight Responsive Bootstrap Template

Xenon is a lightweight responsive dashboard and admin template built with Bootstrap. Xenon contains plenty of UI components, layout variants and themes that make up a whopping total of 136 HTML files. It is a fantastic Bootstrap template that was one of our top 10 templates in 2015. Despite its large number of files, Xenon practices neat organization of files, […]

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5 Fantastic Material Design Templates for AngularJS

5 of the Best Material Design Templates for AngularJS

Material Design is a design language developed by Google that is quickly gainly popularity. Material Design makes more liberal use of grid-based layouts, responsive animations and transitions, padding, and depth effects such as lighting and shadows. Angular Material is the reference implementation of Google’s Material Design Specification for developers using AngularJS. Material Design templates provide a great experience across […]

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AngularJS Seed Templates

Top 8 AngularJS Seed Templates and Boilerplates

When starting a new project, it can be tedious to have to create everything from scratch. This is where AngularJS seed templates, and AngularJS boilerplate templates come in handy. In development work, a boilerplate consists of the sections of code that are included in many places with little or no alteration. These boilerplates come in useful when a programmer has to create […]

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Chameleon – An Efficient, Responsive AngularJS Template

Chameleon Chameleon is a multi-purpose responsive AngularJS template built with AngularJS, jQuery, and Bootstrap 3. It is an efficient AngularJS theme that allows you to rapidly create web applications. The most unique feature of Chameleon is that it comes with its own drag and drop HTML page builder. This page builder can be used to create your site within a few […]

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Metronic AngularJS Template – A Fantastic Multipurpose Theme

Metronic is a popular, best selling admin and dashboard template available on ThemeForest. It is a fully responsive and multipurpose theme powered by the Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS frameworks. Metronic is a flexible theme that can be used for many different kinds of applications. Out of many of the available AngularJS dashboard templates on the market, Metronic is one of […]

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