10 Bootstrap Templates for Your Creative Portfolios

10 Bootstrap Templates for Your Creative Portfolios

Looking for well-built responsive website templates powered by advanced Bootstrap functionality? Go no further. For this compilation we have handpicked 10 amazingly designed themes of different styles and for multiple purposes. Designers, photographers, models, dancers, writers, and other creative professionals can use these fantastic templates to build online portfolios, blogs or business sites.

So, why choose Bootstrap-based themes for your web projects? First of all, there is a powerful community of web developers and designers standing behind it. The abundance of features and advanced components added to the system allow you to create a feature-rich web resource without much effort. One of the biggest Bootstrap advantages is its fully responsive technology, which will make your website well optimized across a variety of devices.

Another reason why users prefer Bootstrap to other ready-made options is that it’s easy to get started with. Offering LESS files for those who know how to use them, Bootstrap also provides plain old CSS files for those who don’t want to use CSS pre-processing.

In addition, with Bootstrap you will get responsive 12-column grid system, layouts and components that will make your site super functional and effective. Do you need affixed or responsive grid? Do you prefer offsetting or nesting of columns? Bootstrap makes it all possible.

Base styling for most HTML elements is included into each Bootstrap template. When working on a website, we want to diversify its layout with such elements as headings, lists, tables, buttons, etc. Bootstrap provides a pack of styles for multiple purposes, like typography, forms, tables, images, buttons, icons, and so much more.

Well-documented, the following themes are intended to help even newbies get started with their first web projects without extra help. Step-by-step instructions with clear explanations and easy-to-follow narration will help you discover the full potential of your theme with ease. In case you need additional help, TemplateMonster also provides a free 24/7 technical support team to help you with any issues you may encounter. Online chat, email, ticket system or phone call – you can get professional assistance through any channel you wish.

We have listed 10 fantastic Bootstrap themes below. These great themes differ in their designs and the purpose of use. All fully customizable, they can bring literally any project that you have on your mind to live. Clean and minimalist or metro-styled and enhanced with an array of design elements – below you will definitely find the right solution for your portfolio or blog.

For more great Bootstrap themes and templates, check out some of our other favorite Bootstrap themes.


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