8 of the Best Bootstrap Themes

8 of the Best Beautifully Designed Bootstrap Themes

One of the most commonly used frameworks for building websites is the Bootstrap framework, the most popular HTML, JavaScript and CSS framework for creating responsive web projects. Many Angular and AngularJS applications use Bootstrap as a resource for designing beautiful looking websites. Bootstrap is made for all skill levels, and the use of these powerful themes make it even easier to create your next web application.

There are many fantastic AngularJS Bootstrap themes available online, with many useful features and components that can be used to speed up development of your next big web application. Today, we have listed 8 of the best Bootstrap themes to use in your web projects. These themes are beautifully designed and are some of our favorites.

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1. Porto

Porto - Best Bootstrap Themes

Porto is a stunningly designed fully responsive HTML site template powered by Bootstrap 3 that works across all devices and screen sizes. Porto comes with multiple variations of homepage styles and many examples that can be used in your next web application. The theme is totally customizable, and can be easily modified to suit your needs.

Porto includes multiple layout options, and many options such as header layouts, layout style, or whether the application is presented in a “light” or “dark” style. Bundled with an exclusive style switcher, Porto allows you to select any color you want to customize your site in seconds. Porto also comes with many useful components and features that are commonly used, such as a contact form, carousel, and slider.

Porto is a very well documented Bootstrap theme that is one of the best selling themes on ThemeForest, and is a great Bootstrap theme that is sure to find use in your next web application.

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2. Unify

Unify - Best Bootstrap Themes

Unify is a beautifully designed, fully responsive Bootstrap theme that can be used by any creative professional. It comes with 6 independent packages that can be used in developing a wide variety of web applications. Unify has easy to customize code and works on any web browser and device. Unify comes with over 250 template pages, allowing you to quickly prototype almost any web application that you can think of.

Unify promises continuous long term updates and promises a plethora of amazing new features in future updates. Unify is one of the best selling Bootstrap themes on WrapBootstrap and is a fantastic investment for any web developer.

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3. Metronic

Metronic - Best Bootstrap Themes

Metronic is a popular, best selling admin and dashboard theme available on ThemeForest. It is a fully responsive and multipurpose theme powered by the Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS frameworks. Metronic is a flexible theme that can be used for many different kinds of applications.

Out of many of the available AngularJS dashboard templates on the market, Metronic is one of the most beautifully designed. It is multi-purpose and comes with a whopping 700+ pages, 1,500+ UI features, and 7 different admin themes to use. Metronic is a very versatile theme that can be used to speed up the development of your next web application. Metronic promises continuous updates and new features, making it a very worthwhile theme to purchase. For a more in-depth review, check out our full post on the Metronic template.

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INSPINIA - Best Bootstrap Themes

INSPINIA is an admin Bootstrap theme built with Bootstrap 3, HTML 5, and CSS 3. It is a beautifully designed, fully responsive flat UI template that was one of our top 10 templates in 2015.

INSPINIA is bundled with a large collection of reusable UI components. It can be used in a wide variety of web applications such as admin panels, application backends, content management systems, and more. This fantastic Bootstrap theme comes with a large suite of features that allows it to be used in almost any web application.

INSPINIA is one of the most versatile Bootstrap themes available, and makes for a good investment for web developers looking to quickly prototype beautifully looking applications.

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5. Angulr

Angulr - Best Bootstrap Themes

Angulr is a web admin theme powered by Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS. It features nested views, routing, and lazy loading, making it suitable for large projects. Angulr is fully responsive and works on mobile devices as well as across browsers. Angulr uses Less CSS which makes it ideal for customization of the theme to suit your own needs.

Angulr includes many useful jQuery plugins that features plenty of useful functions commonly used in web applications. Angulr also comes with a note and contacts example application, making it easy for you to implement these features in your next web application.

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6. Progressive

Progressive - Best Bootstrap Themes

Progressive is a simple and functional Bootstrap theme that is optimized using the latest and most intuitive HTML 5 and CSS 3 frameworks. Progressive is powered by Twitter Bootstrap and comes with more than 200 interactive elements to suit almost any need you might have. It is customizable and comes with over 200 items to be used for designing custom pages.

Progressive is not only a fantastic Bootstrap theme – it also comes bundled with many essential frameworks such as the Revolution Slider and LivIcons and other PSD files. Progressive is a fantastic multipurpose responsive theme that can be used for rapid prototyping of your next web application.

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7. Webarch

webarch - Best Bootstrap Themes

Webarch is a beautiful admin dashboard theme powered by Bootstrap 3. It is fully responsive and works across browsers and mobile as well as desktop devices. Webarch comes with four different layout options that can be used to quickly prototype your next web application.

Webarch is designed and developed for retina screens, and ensures performance with lightweight vector icons and images. It also employs a great looking color palette to enhance its user experience. Webarch promises free continuous updates, making it a great choice as a template for rapid prototyping.

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8. Nifty

Nifty - Best Bootstrap Themes

Nifty is a responsive Bootstrap 3 admin dashboard template that comes with a lot of useful components. It is easily customizable through the use of variables to maintain CSS. If you do not wish to manually customize the theme, it comes with 36 vibrant preset color themes. Nifty also comes with 9 transition effects, allowing you to add that final touch of polish to your web application.

Nifty promises lifetime free features and updates for buyers of the theme. It comes with 7 exclusive plugins that can be used in a wide variety of web applications. It is a fantastically designed Bootstrap theme that is sure to find a use in any web application that you develop.

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Bootstrap is an extremely powerful framework for developing responsive web applications. It’s perfect for users of all skill levels – even beginners can easily prototype their dream web application with the use of these powerful Bootstrap themes.

Millions of sites across the web are powered by Bootstrap. These 8 beautifully designed Bootstrap themes are some of the best Bootstrap themes as well as some of our favorites and will definitely provide a great start for your next web application.

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