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7 Fantastic Modern AngularJS Admin Templates

When starting a new web application or website, we often run into the need for certain features or design. Using a template to help prototype and design your application can greatly help speed up this process.

Whether you’re building a dashboard application, a portfolio application, or you are merely looking for the best AngularJS template to build your application on, there is sure to be a template suited for your needs. Today, we have curated 7 fantastic modern AngularJS admin templates to help you rapidly create your next web application.


1. Fuse

Fuse AngularJS Admin Template

Fuse is a clean, flexible, and unique AngularJS admin template based on the popular Angular Material library. Fuse is a beautiful admin template that comes with multiple dashboard templates, 12 pre-built layouts, as well as 21 PSD files that allow you to customize the design of the template to suit your needs.

Fuse comes with 5 built in applications that are commonly used in many web applications such as a calendar, mail, file manager and more. Fuse promises continuous free updates as well as premium support, making it a fantastic template to use for prototyping your next web application.

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2. Make

Make AngularJS Admin Template

Make is a beautifully designed multipurpose one page theme for AngularJS applications. It consists of over 500 pages with 4 admin themes included, as well as multiple designs and layouts to choose from. Make is designed based on the Material Design principles developed by Google.

Fully responsive and works across any device or browser, Make comes with an easy to use drag and drop page builder allowing you to customize and create unlimited layouts, as well as custom widgets, tables, and other components. Make is a fantastic AngularJS template that can be used in a wide variety of applications, including portfolio and eCommerce sites.

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Homer AngularJS Admin Template

HOMER is a premium admin dashboard with a fantastic flat design concept. It is fully responsive and integrated with the latest jQuery plugins.

HOMER comes with a variety of different versions for multiple frameworks: an AngularJS version, a HTML/jQuery version, a Meteor version, and more. HOMER comes with a collection of reusable UI components that can be used in almost any web application, and promises more with free updates in the future.

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4. Avenger

Avenger AngularJS Admin Template

A modern admin template that comes with tens of layout options, Avenger is a flexible template that can be used for almost any application. It comes with easy to use, cleanly written code that can be used with minimal experience in Bootstrap.

Avenger is fully responsive and works across devices and browsers. It comes with a clean and intuitive design that makes for fantastic UI as well as UX.

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5. Maverick

Maverick AngularJS Admin Template

Maverick is a responsive admin panel theme powered by AngularJS and LESS. It is a carefully designed template built from the ground up to be user friendly. Maverick has a modern design and follows the best AngularJS coding practices, making it a great template to be used for prototyping your next big web application.

Maverick comes with a layered PSD file, panel controls, a programmable menu system, and other neat features such as customizable animations and page transitions. It is accompanied by detailed documentation and code snippets, so even those with minimal development experience can easily set it up.

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6. Transform

Transform AngularJS Admin Template

Transform is a multi-layout admin template powered by AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap. Transform is fully responsive and works on any desktop or mobile device as well as across browsers. It comes with multiple layouts, allowing you to choose between a wide and boxed layout, vertical and horizontal navigation, or a fixed header and sidebar menu.

Transform is easily modifiable through variables, and is available in Sass and LESS CSS. Transform allows you to build your own customized template through the use of customizable color schemes, making it a fantastically versatile template that can be used for a wide variety of web applications.

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7. Avenxo

Avenxo AngularJS Admin Template

Avenxo is a clean, flexible, and nimble admin theme for AngularJS. It comes with multiple color schemes and layouts, and comes with easy to use and clean coding that can be picked up by anyone with minimal experience in Bootstrap. Avenxo comes with two separate versions – a standalone HTML version, as well as an AngularJS version.

Avenxo is a fully responsive theme that makes use of Bower for front-end dependency management and Grunt for hassle-free deployment. It is a fantastically intuitive theme that makes for a great prototyping template for your next web application.

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