7 Fantastic Free AngularJS Templates

7 Fantastic Free AngularJS Templates

When starting development on a new project, it’s natural to want to keep costs low in order to minimize your initial investment. While many of the premium responsive AngularJS templates can greatly speed up your development, there are also many free AngularJS templates available for download.

Today, we have compiled a collection of the best free AngularJS templates available online. These templates cost absolutely nothing, and can be easily integrated into your new project, not only saving you money but also development time.

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1. SB Admin Angular

SB Admin Free AngularJS Template

SB Admin Angular is a responsive, free AngularJS template that looks great on all kinds of devices regardless of screen size. It is a single page dashboard application template that does not require page refresh when updating data.

This template makes use of lazy loading to only load required files for any particular request. The charts within this template make use of Angular-chart, allowing you responsive and reactive charts for you to work with.

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2. RDash

RDash Free AngularJS Template

RDash Angular is an AngularJS implementation of the RDash Admin Dashboard. This template is powered by Bootstrap and uses handy directives and controllers to speed up development.

RDash Angular is a versatile free dashboard template that can be used for a wide variety of needs, and can greatly speed up development. It is a clean template that can be used for your next AngularJS dashboard application.

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3. Versatile Dashboard

Versatile Free AngularJS Template

Versatile is a free AngularJS template written with Bootstrap 3 and makes use of Gulp.js as an automation tool, and is a great dashboard application template that is very easy to use.

Versatile is a very handy theme for building a dashboard application that supports all major browsers and comes with great transition animations.

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4. Flatlogic

Flatlogic Free AngularJS Template

Flatlogic is a free AngularJS template built with Google material design principles based on Angular Material. Flatlogic is a responsive AngularJS dashboard template that uses SASS styles for easy customization. Flatlogic uses BrowserSync and Gulp.js to ease development.

Flatlogic sports a stylish, clean and responsive layout that works across browsers and on mobile. It is a beautifully designed theme that is fantastic for dashboard or admin web apps.

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5. HTML AngularJS Template

HTML Free AngularJS Template

HTML AngularJS Template is a free professional front-end template for building fast, responsive and adaptable web applications using AngularJS. This template follows best practices designed for fast page loads and website optimization.

HTML AngularJS Template uses SASS and SCSS styles for easily customizable CSS. It is built with simple editing in mind and and you can customize the template easily by deleting unnecessary files. This is a great boilerplate template to kickstart your next front-end web application with.

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6. Ani

Ani Free AngularJS Template

Ani Theme is an AngularJS boilerplate template powered by Bootstrap 3 and makes use of Gulp.js as an automation tool. The CSS for Ani makes use of LESS for better customization options and is great for an admin or dashboard application.

Ani supports all major browsers and has fluent and subtle page transition animations. It is a great starter template for AngularJS web applications and is easy to use.

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7. Cleverstack


The Cleverstack Angular Seed provides you with a cutting edge AngularJS development workflow, giving you with the tools to achieve a fast, test driven front-end development lifecycle.

Cleverstack is the first Modular Full Stack JavaScript Framework, and allows you to create smaller, more specific modules that are extremely powerful, completely self-contained and can be used in different projects.

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