Great New AngularJS Templates

5 Great New AngularJS Templates in 2016

It’s not everyday that a new AngularJS template is released. Today, we’ve round out a couple of the best new AngularJS templates. These are awesome AngularJS themes and templates that have been released in the last few months or so.

If you’re interested in discovering more responsive templates for building your next web application, check out our post detailing some of our favorite modern AngularJS admin templates.


packet - Great New AngularJS Template In 2016

Packet is an AngularJS admin dashboard template that allows you a foundation to quickly prototype your next AngularJS web application. It is a versatile template that provides you with a suitable layout for every project. Packet was specifically designed for designers and developers and aims to provide you with unlimited resources for any project.

Packet is easily customizable and comes with 30 color schemes and 6 color combinations, allowing you to choose your favorite design and easily modify the look and feel of your web application. It is fully responsive and looks great on both mobile and desktop. It comes with a huge suite of features, making it a great AngularJS template for any developer or designer looking to quickly prototype their next web application.

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Electric - A Great New AngularJS Template in 2016

Electric is an extraordinary AngularJS admin and dashboard template that provides a framework for a comprehensive full stack management system. It is all purpose and comes with many essential features, including multiple dashboard styles, over 60 fully developed pages, 20+ functional widgets, and more.

Electric is a fantastic advanced AngularJS admin template that is easy to customize and modify for your personal needs. It is well documented and responsive, and comes with different skins that allow you to easily change the look and feel of your next web application.

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Reconstruct - A Great New AngularJS Template in 2016

Reconstruct is an AngularJS business template designed in mind for construction and building companies, as well as service oriented companies. Reconstruct is fully responsive and looks good on mobile, tablet, and computer screens.

Reconstruct is powered by Bootstrap and is easy to customize and design.

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Forever - A Great New AngularJS Template in 2016

Forever Wedding is a customizable and responsive HTML template for wedding events. It is compatible with AngularJS and can be used by companies to showcase wedding planning services and products, or can be used by couples to share their wedding and journey.

Forever Wedding contains service pages, portfolio pages, SEO options, and more. It is a great template for wedding planning companies or couples who wish to set up a website for showcasing their wedding event.

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Marino - A Great New AngularJS Template in 2016

Marino is a responsive premium dashboard UI template built with Bootstrap, HTML that comes with AngularJS and jQuery versions. It has a suite of layouts, color schemes, and more than 150 HTML files that provide you with lots of widgets and custom made components that are sure to help you develop your next web app.

Marino comes with multiple dashboard styles, color schemes, and comes with 9 different layouts. It features clean and well structured code, and comes with a large suit of font icons and UI widgets.

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These awesome new AngularJS themes and templates have mostly been released in 2016. If you’re interested in older templates that are regularly updated, check out our post on the top AngularJS themes and templates in 2015.

New AngularJS Templates
  • Responsiveness
  • Design
  • Documentation
  • Features


While newer templates don’t necessarily mean that they’re better than the older templates, they may have implemented or made use of more recent features and additions to AngularJS, Bootstrap, SASS, LESS, and more. These 5 new AngularJS templates are definitely worth checking out.

Did we miss your favorite AngularJS templates? Let us know in the comments!

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