12 Fantastic AngularJS Dashboard Templates and Themes

12 Fantastic AngularJS Dashboard Templates and Themes

As web developers, we often run into the need for a control panel or dashboard for the users of a web application. AngularJS dashboards can be tricky to design – after all, you want a dashboard that is intuitive, easy to use, and elegant. The use of a dashboard template or theme will significantly reduce your workload, as well as give your application a fantastic new look.

Today, we have compiled 12 of our favorite AngularJS dashboard templates and themes – perfectly crafted to give the dashboard of your AngularJS application a fantastic new UI and UX. For more great templates, check out our top 10 AngularJS templates for 2015.


1. Xenon

Xenon AngularJS Dashboard Template

Xenon is a lightweight responsive dashboard and admin template built with Bootstrap. Xenon contains plenty of UI components, layout variants and theme skins, making a total of 136 HTML files. Talk about value for money!

Despite its large number of files, Xenon takes dashboard themes to another level with neat organization of files, clean code, and easily expandable features. Xenon is responsive and retina ready and works perfectly with mobile devices. It is a fantastic AngularJS dashboard template that has almost everything – sure to save you plenty of time in use on a large project.

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2. Angle

Angle AngularJS Dashboard Template

Angle is a web dashboard app based on Bootstrap and AngularJS. This dashboard template contains many ideal components for use in your next dashboard page or web project.

Angle contains two dashboard templates: for use in AngularJS as well as jQuery, allowing you to utilise this dashboard template in non-AngularJS apps as well. It is a great responsive theme with many useful components, making it a great  dashboard template to build your project with.

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3. Metronic

Metronic AngularJS Dashboard Template

Metronic is a responsive and multipurpose admin theme powered through the Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS frameworks. It is a flexible theme that can be used for many different kinds of applications.

Metronic has a beautifully designed flat UI which is both clean and user friendly, and works on all major web browsers and on mobile. Metronic currently comes with 6 complete admin themes and promises continuous updates and new features.

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4. Dashy

Dashy AngularJS Dashboard Template

Dashy is a powerful AngularJS dashboard template that can be used to create your own personalized dashboard app easily through the use of widgets.

Dashy allows you to visually combine your data from a wide variety of sources and build a dashboard that can integrate Google Analytics as well as other systems. It also includes a user login system through Facebook or Twitter, making it an easily customizable template for rapid development of your next web app.

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5. Admin Box

Admin Box AngularJS Dashboard Template

Admin Box is a beautifully presented AngularJS dashboard template. It is powered by SASS and Gruntjs for easy development, testing and production.

Admin Box comes packaged with a suite of features, such as many different kind of charts, form validation and customization, vector maps, and many more. It is easy to modify and change to suit your project needs, as the template uses Sass files.

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6. SB Admin Angular (Free)

SB Admin AngularJS Dashboard Template

SB Admin Angular is an AngularJS dashboard template with responsive design that plays nice with all kinds of devices. It is a single-page application that does not require a page refresh once it has been loaded.

This template makes use of lazy loading for further optimization and uses Angular-chart to display reactive charts, allowing you to display responsive and interactive content. Best of all, this theme is available for free courtesy of the StartAngular team.

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7. Forza

Forza AngularJS Dashboard Template

Forza is a modern web application framework built with AngularJS and LESS. This is lightweight and responsive theme powered by the latest Bootstrap framework.

Forza includes an extended variable.less file that can be used to customize the theme without even touching a single line of code. Forza provides regular updates for free.

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8. Transform

Transform AngularJS Dashboard Template

Transform is a fully responsive multi-layout dashboard template built with AngularJS and Bootstrap. It uses Sass CSS which makes it easy to modify the look of the app.

Transform comes with an intuitive framework to change its color palette, making it easy to modify the look of the dashboard template.

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9. iFlat

iFlat AngularJS Dashboard Template

iFlat is a fully responsive dashboard template built with AngularJS and Bootstrap. It employs the use of Sass CSS, which makes it easy to customize to suit your style.

iFlat has a fantastic looking flat UI and the minimalistic nature of it makes it one of my favorite dashboard themes within this list. It is fluid and ready for use with mobile and cross-browser use.

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10. Bonanzooka

Bonanzooka AngularJS Dashboard Template

Despite its long name, Bonanzooka is a simple AngularJS dashboard template suitable for beginners to customize through the use of the Less CSS framework. It is a fully responsive web admin page built with AngularJS routing, allowing data to be updated even without page refresh.

Bonanza comes with 5 different themes. Along with its simple and clean design, it is a great template to use for rapid prototyping and development.

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11. Square

Square AngularJS Dashboard Template

Square is a responsive dashboard web application built with Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS. It is lightweight and cross-browser friendly. Square uses Sass CSS which makes it easy to customize and modify the look and feel of your dashboard. It is also powered by AJAX, allowing real time data updates without the need to refresh.

A fully featured web app, Square is a fantastic dashboard template that requires little customization to get going.

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12. Blankon

Blankon AngularJS Dashboard Template

Blankon is a full pack dashboard template powered by Twitter Bootstrap 3 and comes with a wide variety of versions, including AngularJS, as well as other frameworks such as Laravel, AJAX, and CodeIgniter.

Blankon has a large number of uses and works seamlessly on any type of web browser or device. It is a comprehensive dashboard template that is fantastic value for money at $18.

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