10 Top AngularJS Templates in 2017

10 Top AngularJS Templates in 2017

It’s the first month into 2017, and many of us have set many New Year resolutions for ourselves. For developers, I’m sure that many of you are keen on producing more side projects. Using preset templates and themes is a great way to speed up the process of building new apps. If you’re into rapid prototyping, using one of these pre-built templates can be a huge efficiency boost.

If you’re in need of an admin dashboard, a blog, or a responsive site, using an AngularJS template can save you loads of time. The cost of many templates range between $30 to $70. Calculating using your hourly rate (for example, $30), you can see that using a template “costs” just 1-2 hours of your time, and is sure to save you many more.

Today, we have curated a list of our favorite AngularJS templates for 2017. We think these are some of the top AngularJS templates in 2017. These top AngularJS templates are highly responsive, beautifully designed, and are easy to integrate into your next web application.

1. Fuse

Fuse - Top AngularJS Template

Fuse is a clean, flexible and unique AngularJS template. It’s based on the Angular Material library. It’s a fully responsive template that is also multi-language ready. Fuse is powered by Gulp, Bower, and SASS, making it an easily maintainable and customizable template.

The Fuse template comes with 3 dashboard designs, 10 built-in apps (such as a calendar app, e-commerce, mail app, etc), 6 template layouts, and many other designs. It includes the template in Photoshop format as well, if you wish to create mockups in Photoshop. Fuse boasts premium support and offers regular free updates. If you’re interested in a well designed AngularJS template with loads of features, Fuse is the choice for you.

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2. Angulr

Angulr - Top AngularJS Template

Angulr is an AngularJS admin web template powered by Bootstrap and AngularJS. It makes use of Grunt tasks and Bower dependency management for ease of management for large projects. The template also features nested views and routing, as well as lazy loading features, making it a great template for large scale projects.

Angulr uses the LESS CSS framework, allowing you to easily make changes and maintain stylesheets. This package comes with a pre-built AngularJS music application, allowing you to easily incorporate audio players, video players, and other features into your applications.

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3. OneUI

OneUI - Top AngularJS Template

OneUI is a flexible UI template powered by AngularJS and Bootstrap. OneUI comes with 4 versions (Get Started, HTML, PHP, and AngularJS formats) to help kickstart your project, save time, and help you be as efficient as possible.

OneUI is completely modular and comes with many unique features. This template comes with a coming soon page, contacts page, as well as a markdown editor that serves as your main text editor. If you need a modular template that can suit almost any need you have, OneUI is worth checking out.

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4. Materil

Materil - Top AngularJS Template

Materil is a responsive AngularJS admin and dashboard template that features nested views and routing, as well as lazy loading capabilities for larger projects. Materil makes use of AngularUI and LESS CSS to make customization and modification easy.

Materil is a versatile AngularJS template that comes with many pre-built applications. The template includes an inbox app, note app, todo app, and more. The template includes multiple layout options, allowing you to customize it to your needs.

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5. Clip-Two

Clip-Two - Top AngularJS Template

Clip-Two is a powerful, high-performant, multi-purpose AngularJS template. Clip-Two comes with a few different versions: a HTML5 version, an AngularJS version, and right to left (RTL) versions in both HTML5 and AngularJS.

Clip-Two is highly customizable and comes with a fully featured front-end. It offers touch swipe support for mobile devices, and comes with over 40 page templates, making it the perfect responsive AngularJS template. Clip-Two is powered by SASS and offers 6 color schemes, allowing you to make your site look just the way you want it.

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6. Minovate

Minovate - Top AngularJS Template

Minovate is a premium admin dashboard powered by AngularJS. It’s built on top of the Twitter Bootstrap framework, and follows modern web standards. Minovate is fully responsive and works well on desktop, mobile, or tablet devices.

Minovate includes many example pages, ready to use templates, and is extremely customizable. You can choose from a range of pre-built layouts such as horizontal navbar, boxed layout, or RTL layouts.

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INSPINIA - Top AngularJS Template

INSPINIA is a well designed admin template built with flat design concepts. This template comes with 6 versions, including an AngularJS version. INSPINIA also comes with a special starter project for Angular 2.0, ReactJS, and Laravel.

INSPINIA is a feature rich application that is great for any project management system, admin dashboard application, application backend, and more. With 5 dashboard templates, advanced forms, and CSS preprocessors, INSPINIA can be used to rapidly prototype almost any application.

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8. Metronic

Metronic - Top AngularJS Template

Metronic is one of the top admin templates available on ThemeForest. It comes with AngularJS support and SASS support, making it extremely easy to customize your site. Metronic comes with 7 unique layouts, over a thousand multi-purpose templates, and over 1,500 UI components, making it one of the most full featured templates available on the web.

Metronic is fully responsive, well organized, and is flexible. If you need a reliable theme for your next site or admin dashboard, Metronic is one of the best templates you can get. If you’re interested in reading a more in depth review about Metronic, check out our previous review of it.

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9. Xenon

Xenon - Top AngularJS Template

Xenon is a lightweight admin template built with AngularJS and Bootstrap. It comes with plenty of UI components, layout choices, and theme skins which make up over 130 HTML files. Xenon is lightweight and loads fast, boasting a PageSpeed score of 94%.

Xenon is responsive and works on devices of any size. This makes this template perfect for AngularJS developers who want to bootstrap their projects with ready to use services, controllers, routes, and other components.

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10. Material

Material - Top AngularJS Template

Material is one of the best AngularJS templates that makes use of Google Material Design. It is powerful, lightweight, and fully responsive and retina compatible, making it look good on any device or screen resolution. Material comes with a jQuery version and promises a Rails version in the future, allowing you to use it on other platforms if you choose.

Material comes with a light and dark variant, and offers huge customizability. All pages are neatly coded and HTML5 validated, making it a reliable and sustainable template for use in large scale web applications.

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Whether you’re building a large scale web application or just a personal side project, AngularJS offers great speed and efficiency. Using one of these top AngularJS templates can make this process even faster and even more efficient.

The templates listed in this post are some of our favorites, and some of the top AngularJS templates in 2017. These templates are all responsive, well designed, and well maintained. If you are looking for a template that allows you to work quickly and push out applications fast, these templates are essential.

  • Design
  • Responsiveness
  • Customizability
  • Content
  • Support


There are many great templates available on the web, and it can get daunting picking the best ones. These 10 AngularJS templates we have rounded up today are some of our favorites, and we think that these are some of the top AngularJS templates in 2017.

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