10+ Free AngularJS and HTML Templates for Your Next Web Application

10+ Free AngularJS and HTML Templates for Your Next Web Application

When starting a new project or building a new MVP, it is definitely important to keep costs low to reduce your initial risk and investment. While there are definitely numerous benefits to adopting the use of a premium AngularJS template for your web development needs, many of the free AngularJS and HTML templates available on the net are very powerful as well.

We’ve compiled a list of over 10 of our favorite free AngularJS and HTML templates. These templates are beautifully designed, follow best practices, and are great for use as a base template for starting your next web application. While some of the free HTML templates do not necessarily use AngularJS, they are compatible with the framework and can be easily integrated with it.

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1. SB Admin v2

SB Admin v2 - Free AngularJS Template

SB Admin v2 is a port of the popular free Bootstrap admin templateSB Admin that makes use of Angular 2.0. It is a ready to deploy, statically typed build system that uses Gulp for working with TypeScript.

This free AngularJS template comes with production and development builds, and follows best practices for the application structure. It is a fantastic free AngularJS template and starter template for dashboard and admin applications, and also provides a great baseline for building almost any AngularJS web application.

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2. Yeoman

Yeoman - A Free AngularJS Template and Generator

Yeoman is a fantastic scaffolding tool that helps you to generate useful components or scaffold complete projects. It’s highly versatile and customizable, and allows you to set up projects with best practices and helps to installs many useful and important AngularJS modules for your project.

Yeoman is a fantastic free AngularJS template generator that allows you to rapidly develop web applications. Yeoman is also available for many other frameworks other than AngularJS.

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3. HTML5 Boilerplate (HTML)

HTML5 Boilerplate - A Fantastic Free HTML5 Template

The free HTML5 Boilerplate template helps you build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites. It is one of the most popular front-end web templates available. The HTML5 boilerplate is easily customizable, allowing you to utilize AngularJS or other frameworks if you require.

This free HTML5 template is great for prototype any web application. It can also be easily integrated with AngularJS, providing a great base template for managing your front-end resources.

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4. SB Admin Angular

SB Admin - Free AngularJS Template

SB Admin Angular is a responsive, free AngularJS template that looks and works great on devices of all kinds of sizes. It is a single page dashboard application template that allows you to easily prototype an admin or dashboard interface.

This template makes use of lazy loading to only load required files for any particular request. This template also makes use of Angular-chart to display fantastic looking, responsive charts and graphs.

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5. HTML5 One Page Template (HTML)

HTML5 Free One Page Template

According to analytical data, an average recruiter spends not more than 30 seconds looking at each individual CV. What does that mean? That means that a catching CV gives much more chances to get the desired job.

This free HTML5 One Page Template from professional TemplateMonster designers will help you set up an impressive personal page in no time. This theme is perfect for designers, coders, photographers, writers, or for any artist’s personal page. It is a one page theme, which places all necessary information within a click’s reach. jQuery scripts like TouchTouch Gallery, Camera Slider, and jQuery Isotop implemented in this template breathe life into statically written content.

While this template isn’t powered by AngularJS by default, it can easily be adapted to dynamically utilize AngularJS content if required.

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6. AngularJS MVC Web App Template

A free starter template for an AngularJS web application, this template comes with an Model-View-Controller (MVC) folder structure. This free AngularJS template is powered by AngularJS, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Flat UI, and HTML5.

This template is a customized version of two other popular AngularJS templates, but has been more recently updated. It provides a great starting template for a MVC AngularJS application.

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7. Loopback Angular Admin

Loopback Admin - Free AngularJS Template and Seed

Loopback Angular Admin is a starter project and free AngularJS template that can be used to quickly build an API with an easily extended front-end. The project is undergoing development and is constantly updated.

Loopback Angular Admin is a fantastic starter template for AngularJS dashboards or admin applications. It comes with many essential features such as user and social authentication, user management – a fantastic way to kickstart and prototype your next SaaS application or AngularJS web application.

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8. Design Studio HTML5 Theme (HTML)

Design Studio Free HTML5 Template

This free HTML5 theme for design studios was designed with two main ideas in mind: being nice and usable. It combined several popular trends: masonry layout, clean style, and outstanding typography.

Content blocks are neatly placed around this template, which imparts a clean harmonious look. Its mint colored menu stands out against other elements, while other blocks contain featured images from the gallery which you can customize by clicking on each of them. The simple yet welcoming design of this free HTML5 template will encourage your visitors to drop you a line. It is a perfect free HTML5 theme for use by designers or design studios.

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9. ngBoilerplate

ngBoilerplate provides a basic framework to kickstart AngularJS projects. It comes with a directory structure that follows best practices in order to ensure code reusability and scalability. ngBoilerplate even comes prepackaged with popular frameworks such as Angular UI, Twitter Bootstrap and LESS to ensure maximum productivity.

ngBoilerplate follows best practices whenever it can in order to ensure that projects get set up for long term success. It is a fantastic free AngularJS template that is great for kickstarting your AngularJS web applications.

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10. Free Responsive Corporate Template (HTML)

Free HTML5 Responsive Corporate Template

The Free Responsive Corporate Template is a professional free HTML template designed by the TemplateMonster team. It has a current uncluttered design that will expand your business reach without fail.

The layout of this theme has simple and clean look: bold red and white color combinations, clear typography, hero images, text, visual content and more are laid out in a visually appealing manner. The theme’s header is pinned, which keeps site navigation and essential information (logo and menu) in sight even while the user scrolls up and down. This increases the usability of the site.

The Free Responsive Corporate Template is a fantastic free HTML5 theme for use as a portfolio template for corporate sites. It’s easily customizable, and can be modified to make use of the AngularJS framework if required.

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11. Brunch

Brunch - Free AngularJS Template and HTML5 Build Tool

Brunch is an ultra fast free HTML5 build tool. It compiles your scripts, templates, styles, concatenates them, and even shrinks the output by minifying code and optimizing images. Brunch is easy to install, simple to start, and provides an easy to use application boilerplate that is a great starting point for new applications.

Brunch comes with a large number of application skeletons that can start you on your way with a specific pattern. It also has many useful plugins that can be used to boost boilerplate generation or add functionality to your application. Brunch is compatible with AngularJS and includes application skeletons and plugins to make full use of AngularJS functionality. It’s a great free tool for rapidly building HTML5 and AngularJS applications, as well as web applications on many other platforms.

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  • Design
  • Responsiveness
  • Variety
  • Functionality
  • Reusability
  • Coding Style


There are many components that we often reuse when building a new application. Starting a new project is greatly simplified with the use of these fantastic free AngularJS templates, HTML themes, and boilerplates.

While the functions of these free templates can be very impressive, the use of certain premium AngularJS templates or HTML templates can also prove to be a great help. However for those on a budget, these fantastic free AngularJS templates and HTML templates will definitely breathe new life into your next web application.

For more fantastic free AngularJS templates, check out 7 of our other favorite free AngularJS templates.

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